Drag Rudiments

The Drag

The Drag is like the Flam, and is counted in the same way as the Flam (in quarter notes), but you play a small double before the resolving, louder single stroke comes in. Aim to play the double as closely as you can to the resolving alternating hand.


The Single Ratamacue

There are three types of Ratamacue; the Single, Double and Triple. The only way in which they differ is in their time signature and the amount of Drags they contain. The Single Ratamacue is in 4/4, and one Ratamacue is played per quarter note. You begin by playing a Drag that leads into a sixteenth note triplet, and then resolves with an eighth note. Make sure to accent the final stroke.

Single Ratamacue

The Drag Paradiddle Number 1

The Drag Paradiddle number one is in 3/8, counting 3 eighth notes per bar. Starting on your right hand, you play a single stroke eighth note, followed by a right-handed Drag that then leads into a Paradiddle (counting in sixteenths)! Phew. Never fear though – it’s not as difficult as it sounds. You can then play it leading with the alternating hand for the next bar.

Drag Paradiddle 1

The Drag & Stroke

The Drag & Stroke is counted in eighth notes. Begin by playing a right-handed Drag, followed by a left-handed single stroke. The single stroke should be accented! You can then lead with the alternating hand and repeat.

Drag & Stroke

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