Single Stroke Rudiments

Below, I’ve notated some of  the rudiments that have been the most helpful to me.

The first one is the Paradiddle (RLRR LRLL etc). To begin with, play the paradiddle straight without any accents. Then you can begin to add an accent on the first beat of every paradiddle.

Paradiddle 1-page-001

Once you’ve grasped this, you can make it more interesting by moving the accent forward an eighth-note. This can be really confusing, but if you play it with a metronome, you’ll be able to hear more clearly exactly what’s happening with the accent displacement.

Paradiddle 2-page-001

And forward another eighth-note:

And finally:

Once you get the hang of each of these, you can practice them consecutively:

A rudiment that I use loads in my own drumming is the 4 Stroke Ruff. It can begin on beat one of the bar like this:

Or it can be an upbeat to a bar, resolving on beat 1 of the next bar with the last beat of the rudiment:

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