Practice Makes Perfect, But…

There's only one way to make progress at anything in life: practice. If you've gotten this far though, I think it's safe to assume that you're fully aware of this! However, the amount of practice we put into something is crucial in order to see fast results. The more we practice, and the more progress … Continue reading Practice Makes Perfect, But…

My Experiences with Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Although this blog post won’t quite seem drum-related, I’ve decided today to use this space as an opportunity to be open and frank about my experiences over the last few years. I found myself withdrawing a great deal from the world around me, and really started to feel like an outsider, an outcast, and - … Continue reading My Experiences with Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Jamie Dunleavey - Drummer in Edinburgh

Drum Lessons!

I've now updated my 'Drum Tuition' page, and there's now an option for receiving drum lessons via Skype! Click here to see more information. It's been a few months since I last updated my blog (whups!) but I've filmed a couple more drum covers since then (expect some Rush... or just Rush...): And just last … Continue reading Drum Lessons!